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how to buy a safe/ kluis for home

Sep 1

Buying a safe/ kluis requires considering a number of important factors, including the desired use of the safe and the characteristics of the safe itself that will ensure that your investment is worthwhile. A quality constructed safe will feature a number of aspects that set it apart as a piece of quality equipment. These include everything from storage/gun capacity, weight and size, fire protection, warranty coverage, and other features like the door, locks, and frame. Here’s what to look for in a safe when looking to purchase one for your home or business.

Size and Weight

One of the first things you will likely consider when buying a safe is the size and weight of the safe you intend to purchase. Knowing the weight and dimensions is important to finding an appropriate place for the safe in your home or office, and will play into the overall cost and transportation logistics. Depending on what you intend to store in the safe, you may need to opt for more or less space, so research sizes and weights of safe models you are interested in.

Storage Capacity

Whether you are storing jewelry, important documents, a large gun collection, or all of the above, you need to know which safe has the storage capacity you need. For smaller items, such as documents, jewelry, gold, cash, handguns, or other items, you may not require the volume of a large gun vault. For gun collections that include large rifles and a host of other valuables, you will need to consider buying a safe of a larger model.

Fire Protection

The fire ratings on a safe are very important to consider as part of your investment. Make sure the safe is ETL verified and that it has a 30, 60, or 90 minutes heat test rating at 1200 degrees. This will indicate one of the highest fire ratings possible for home and business safes. Every Cannon Safe meets these high fire protection standards.

Safe Features

The critical components that make a safe a safe are obviously things that you cannot overlook. The door frame, door itself, locks, and security layers are all essential aspects to investigate in a safe. Look for bolting locks, electronic locks, re-lockers, reinforced lock protecting steel layers, and the construction of the door and frame. Research these features in a number of safe models before purchase. Every safe may be slightly different when it comes to some of these features, but you always want the highest level of security in the safe.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of buying a safe is the product warranty standing behind the safe. For large home and office safes, you should look for a lifetime warranty. All Cannon Safes come with a lifetime replacement or repair warranty covering break-ins, fires, and floods at no charge. Ideally, you will never have to use this warranty, but quality safes are meant to withstand these types of events, and you should have the peace of mind that you can repair or replace your safe is harm befalls it.

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