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Tembusu Grand is a place where everyday life is defined by elegance, beauty, and delightful experiences

Sep 1

Tembusu Grand has access to several perks from living within a beach zone, which is just one advantage of living in Singapore's East Coast. The East Coast's location beside the water allows you to get the benefits of living in a desirable neighborhood while also enjoying stunning vistas and beaches. There are numerous residences and houses that can be tailored to fit a variety of budgets. Many people believe that moving out after a few years is difficult.

When Tembusu Grand joins the Thomson East Coast Line, which is set to begin full service in 2023, they will acquire the convenience of public transportation, which will connect them to core sections of the city.

Tanjong Kong MRT station on the Thomson East Coast Line is only 600 meters away from Tembusu Grand. Tembusu Grand also has access to bus routes that connect it to the best leisure and commercial locations in Singapore, such as Paya Lebar Central and Singapore Sports Hub.

The Marine Parade Planning is one of the wealthiest districts on the East Coast, and Tembusu Grand is located near Tanjong Katong Road. The most well-known schools, such as Kong Hwa School, Haig Girl's School, and Tanjong Katong Primary School, are only a short distance away.

Tembusu Grand will be able to be competitive with Grand Dunman, which is located just 100m from Dakota MRT, as well as the Continuum Freehold Residential property, located within Thiam Siew Avenue, if it's sold before 2023.

Distance between property with The Paya Lebar Regional Centre and MRT Interchange is only 7 minutes.

It's not a secret that we've grown more dependent on the MRT that we've entered into a contract with in order to fulfill our requirements on a regular day basis. Based on reports in the news, it appears that the Thomson East Coast Line (TEL) stations which stretch from Stevens towards and to The Gardens by the Bay will begin operating on November 13th in 2022. This is in connection with the announcement of LTA Land Transport Authority (LTA) on the 7th of October (7 October. 2022).

It was in Singapore The public real estate firm City Developments Limited (CDL) was given the Jalan Tembusu GLS. Jalan Tembusu GLS site is the most expensive within the range at $768 million. This has 1.300 sq ft (PSF PPR).

EdgeProp believes that it could be the situation in which Tembusu Grand is expected to earn 21,20 cents per square foot, when the cost of construction of the land and the expense of financing property advertisement and the cost of professional services are taken into consideration.

Eight bidders have put in bids for leasehold site located within Jalan Tembusu located in the district of Tanjong Katong. The site is situated on a piece of land that has an average that is 2.8 The total area of the land is 209,619 sq. feet. This amounts to 64 housing units.

According to the information provided in a press release by LTA in the press release that these stations connect commuters using TEL to the existing MRT railway line. When they are operating and operational, each of the TEL stations has 22 TEL stations is just 10 minutes from homes, with more than 180,000 people who live in the area.

Prior to an official announcement, 9 TEL stations, which stretch between Woodlands North to Caldecott, were officially inaugurated in two phases starting in January 2020. The launch will run until the end in August 2021. Following Stage 3's launch ceremony, there's two more stages to go, which are comprised of 10 stations and are separated from Founders Memorial to Sungei Bedok.

If you're fond of a good day enjoying the sun and basking in the sun's rays away, you'll be amazed by the beauty of city of Singapore's East Coast Park, which is among the most sought-after spots in Singapore. The well-known East Coast Park is Singapore's largest beach park. It's a fantastic place to participate in activities like cycling, running and barbecuing. There is also the option to stroll along the beach to take an enjoyable stroll.

Katong neighborhood is a wonderful area to wander about. Parkway Parade, 112 Katong, Marine Parade Food Centre, Dunman Food Centre as well as many more fascinating and unusual structures, restaurants and shops with long lines of time. Joo Chiat conservation house. Peranakan eateries and shops can be found close to Joo Chiat enclave. Joo Chiat enclave.

Malls like PLQ, KINEX, and SingPost Centre Katong are situated on the western shore of the shoreline, which is from towards the east. They are located near the Paya Lebar Interchange, that is an integral component which is an essential element that makes up the Regional Center and house an array in commercial as well as F&B choices for Tembusu inhabitants from Grande.

The hinterlands are the place where the hinterlands you can find Peranakan cafes and stores in these regions. These areas aren't as crowded as the other regions in Singapore. They're located in the outer regions. They're located close to the city and are popular with tourists from abroad who want to experience the traditional Peranakan way of life , or go to one of the many gorgeous shops.

Tanjong Katong Complex was shut down for renovations that started in the second quarter of 2023. In 2023 the announcement release was made by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) stated that Tanjong Katong Complex would shut down and would undergo significant improvements.