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5 Steps To Ice Dam Damage Repair

Jun 28


Ice dams are a part of life for the homeowners around the world. As water is pulled by gravity through your home's wood or insulation, and even drywall, it can cause serious structural damage and mold growth.

Ice dam damage repair can be a real challenge. Your best chance of avoiding damage from ice dams is to take the necessary measures necessary to prevent dams from being formed in the first place. Proper attic insulation and ventilation are key components in making sure that icedams are not formed. The correct insulation and ventilation can maintain the optimal temperature balance within your attic, and will help to prevent the cycle of freezing and melting that can result in ice dams.

How to Repair Ice Dam Damage

There are steps you can take to limit the damage if you suspect that an frozen dam has formed on your roof.


  1. First, remove any built up snow using an roof rake (used for homes with a single family with pitched roofs) or by shoveling it away (on flat roofs, or when there's a large amount of snow).

  2. After that, take out the dam of ice by breaking it down into smaller pieces. Be very careful here--you don't want to further damage the roof or hurt yourself by falling off.

  3. To stop water from leaking by blowing cold air through your attic. The leak will be stopped from spreading.

  4. Although there may not be obvious roof leaks It is important to check your roof and gutters whenever you notice an ice dam. In the attic, inspect the beneath the roof sheathing, and the roof trim for signs of moisture in the area below the dam. Additionally, take an glance at the insulation and check if it's damp. There are other indications of water damage, including water stains and mold. Take the time to look over your roof.

  5. If you spot problems you notice, have professional roof repair specialists roswell , New Mexico inspect your roof's surface. The presence of dark patches, missing or damaged roof shingles, streaks of water running down sides of the house, indications that there is an uneven melt/freeze or is occurring, damp attic insulation sagging board, mold and mildew may all be signs of damage from an ice dam. As well as determining the source for the leak, roof repair specialists in new mexico will detail a plan to fix the damage to your roof. It is also recommended to make contact with an Advosy Roofing contractor if mold has begun to appear. Mold poses a significant health risk, and needs to be removed by an expert.


Safety is the primary factor when working on a roof, especially in winter. It is better to hire professionals to help you. Repairs to ice dams can be slow and potentially dangerous.


Contact your local roofing contractor

If you suspect that your roof has been damaged and requires repair, be it because of ice dams or otherwise, the best advice we can give you is to seek out the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned roofer roswell in NM.

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