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The various floor plans are available that will give your house an amazing look

May 7

Sceneca Residence describes itself as an integrated project that comprises residential properties located within Tanah Merah district 16 in Singapore. It is located at Tanah Merah which is located in Singapore's Kechil neighborhood, which is located within Singapore The development includes a variety of houses with different rooms that vary between one to 4 rooms. The development was designed by the renowned MCC Land Development pte Ltd The property is one of the most extravagant properties found in Singapore.

Sceneca Residence will be the residential zone which will form an integral part of. Sceneca Square will form the retail section of the. Each house located in Sceneca Residence Singapore is supplied with the best furniture. The furniture selection that are available in the homes provide an elegant and contemporary space that blends with the modern design that is popular in this particular area. The spacious living areas in these houses are enhanced by spacious kitchens and luxury areas that will provide your home with a stunning style. With a selection of from two to four bedrooms that are available to potential buyers, they'll find the property more attractive than ever before.

Sceneca Residence new launch is packed with features that let you take a break and relax peace and tranquility. Recreation facilities such as shopping centers as well as sports facilities and malls are located in the property. These include Bedok Recreation as well as Recreation Center, East Point Mall Bedok Sports and Recreation Center Bedok Shopping Complex along with East point Mall. Even while the property is located in the urban zone however, it is located in a rural region. property is close to natural parks that offer peace and tranquility away the hustle and bustle of city life.

Pick reputable schools that can provide the finest quality education facilities. These schools are able to meet the needs that your children have. There are numerous popular and well-respected schools. These include Ripples Montessori Academy, which is one of the Anglican Secondary School and Saint. Anthony's Secondary School. Bedok South Secondary School just to name one.

The different floor plans offered at the development and are displayed in a variety of homes. The variety of floor plans are available in sizes ranging in size from 2 to 4 bedrooms. They look stunning and come with ample rooms that will accommodate the diverse needs of prospective residents.

The most notable aspects of the house are modern and striking. Lap pool with an elegant sun deck that lets homeowners enjoy the sun and water without any difficulty. Equipment for fitness is readily available in a manner that is suitable for people who follow rigorous fitness routines. Being accessible to the facilities right in front of your house is a benefit.

A children's pool and a play area for children to have fun keeps them active and engaged. If you're searching for an area to unwind in a space that is calming the reading area and wish to unwind in a peaceful and tranquil spot to be. Be cautious of cabanas that could be an ideal spot to unwind and take in the serene surroundings.

Future residents aren't the only ones profiting from this incredible expansion. Residents as well as property investors also have the opportunity to earn cash through the purchase or lease of property. Due to the condition of the property the property can generate an enormous rent from. property. What are you expecting to receive from the property? Contact us today to inquire about special deals during the period of.

It is situated inside Tenah Merah Kechil, Sceneca Residence is situated in the district known as District 16. District 16. It is situated within the property that is easily accessible by various public transport alternatives. It's an excellent way of moving across and inside. Within hours, property residents can connect to MRTs such as the one that comes from Tanah Merah MRT, Bedok South MRT Bedok Reservoir MRT. Make use of the main roads that surround the property such as that of the East Coast Parkway (ECP) as well as the Pan Island Expressway (PIEspan ). Pan Island Expressway (PIE ).

Each home contains rooms that are used to their maximum capacity to study, work inside an office for housing children nearing becoming close relatives. Each room is spacious and is furnished with the best furnishings. The aim is to create peace and calm to guests arriving soon.

The style is influenced by the tall roofs. The style is complemented with striking lighting. Alongside warm tones this home is a serene and tranquil place. Additionally, it provides the impression of peace. Furthermore, windows are an essential role in the style of the house . They give breathtaking perspectives across Tanah Merah. Tanah Merah neighborhood.