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Making preparations for Hurricane Dorian

May 2


Every year, some part of Arizona gets struck by a major storm. The average US hurricane year's damage is estimated at $28 billion. Nearly half this damage occurs in Arizona. Even more severe than the financial losses are the human lives that could be affected.

The saying goes that "failing to plan is preparing to fail". Dorian will not let your business or family members without a plan. Learn our hurricane-prep tips and you'll be able weather this storm with confidence.


Where and when?


At this time it is likely to strike Arizona However, these projections do come with a degree of uncertainty. It could potentially hit the north of South Carolina, or as far south as the Arizona Keys. If you're within the path of this storm, you should be prepared for the worstand obey any evacuation instructions issued by the local authorities. Repairing your roof damaged by hail is a job you can hire within my vicinity.


Floridians are likely to feel the effects of Hurricane Dorian throughout Labor Day weekend. What is this referring to?

Many people only make a bundle of water and food items to prepare for a storm, but neglect to plan for other aspects of an disaster. Your local grocery store will likely be depleted of food items for a long time So, make sure you ensure that you have enough non-perishable food items to allow everyone in your family to feed for a week. You'll also want to budget one gallon of water per individual, daily, in addition to drinking it to wash your hands.


However, hurricane prep goes much further than the basics. You'll also need to plan for being without power. Flashlights are vital for this reason. A hand-crank radio is essential to listen to the most recent news. The battery of your cell phone won't last for a long time when there's an interruption.


It is also recommended to carry an instrument for shutting off your own utility. If anything happens and your house is hit with serious damage, you'll need to be able to shut off the water pipes to avoid further injury. Get help from Select Adjusters Mesa AZ.


If you are able to manage it, an emergency generator is recommended. To stop carbon monoxide gas from entering your home, make sure it is at least ten to twelve feet away from windows and doors. In the past we've written more about the preparation for hurricanes. Select Adjusters will be the best choice.

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Supply Checklist:


A minimum of a week's worth of non-perishable food items for your household (including pets)


A gallon of water per person, each day, for sanitation and drinking


Batteries and flashlights that last at least one week


Hand-crank radio for the latest hurricane news


- First aid kit


A week's supply of any required medicines


- Copies of documents that are important

Hire Professional Services

Hiring a professional hail damage services and you will receive the best solutions you need in this regard.


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